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Photo Blogging Challenge - October

I think our good friend P.J. over at a 'lilhoohaa must have run out of topics because he told participants in October's challenge that the theme was Photographer's Choice .  Fine by me. And so I've got a somewhat eclectic collection of photos to share. In late September my wife and I took a little long weekend getaway to Mont-Tremblant. Some of you may know already that I march to the sound of a different drum. Given that, I went and bought one at an antique store for my music room. We spent the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Bath, Ontario near Kingston at my brother's place. Here's a snap of the nearby Loyalist Golf Course. Isn't it gorgeous? My brother's wife cooked a delicious turkey dinner for about 20 people. But before the company arrived my brother and I engaged in one of our favourite activities when we get together...snacking on devilled eggs. There weren't many left for the rest of the family. Mrs. D and I took the l

Best Hidden Away - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

Let me tell you a little story from some years ago. It was dark. It was stormy. I know, I know that opening is best hidden away. But that's the way it was. The rain-slicked streets captured the fallen leaves like wallpaper paste. Better? Thank you. The little ghosts and goblins were out in full force although some older spooks were best hidden away until later as it was only 7pm. But it was the chatter of those pint-sized spirits that filled the air like the sound of chipmunks who knew their nuts were best hidden away. Take that whatever way you want. And mamma in her kerchief, and I in my cap - sorry, wrong season. And the wife watching TV and me having a crap, heard the doorbell ring and went into a flap. Doing what I was doing in the bathroom with the fan on full was best hidden away, so the wife answered the door. "Where are the treats?" she yelled from the front hall. "On the closet shelf" I erupted...and then replied. "Knowing your love

Sunday Funnies

The End of the Innocence

Yesterday, a lone gunman shot a 24 year-old military reservist, part of a two-man honour guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Ottawa's War Memorial, ironically in the shadow of the Peace Tower. He died later in hospital despite attempts by civilians and first responders to save his life. Then the gunman crossed the street ran across the lawn of Parliament Hill and entered the Centre Block, down the very corridor where the government and opposition parties were separately caucusing. The head of Parliamentary security, known as the Sergeant-at-Arms encountered the gunman and shot him dead, thus saving countless lives. I was glued to my television for much of the day in total disbelief of what I was witnessing. This is Canada and an armed attack, let alone on our seat of government, just doesn't happen. When I was in my early thirties I worked on Parliament Hill as a journalist. I had easy access to everywhere in the parliamentary precinct. The House of Commons, the

He Knew The Truth - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

Gorax peered out over the landscape. It was kind of like watching a Samsung flatscreen because Gorax was a pupil of the little known planet of Retina where all inhabitants sported 13 eyeballs held aloft from their head by two giant horns. Gorax's pal and room mate Scrotum came from another planet known as Testicle. We won't go into what his physical features were. Save to say that Gorax, as Scrotum would often tell others, "he knew the truth". The truth? I hear you say. Yes, Scrotum was very brave. Dare I say, not unlike a golfer, he had a lot of balls. On this morning Gorax and Scrotum were a little hung over. Yes, Scrotum was naturally hung but this day was different. As Gorax rubbed the sleep from his eyes - for him a time consuming activity - Scrotum said "You know Gorax I think we got a little wasted last night. I could almost remember us seeing eye to eye, to eye, to eye, to eye - well you get the drift - in our discussion about acid reflux."

Sunday Funnies

Supposed To Be Bad Luck - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

Albert was forgetful. While it didn't annoy Angus he nevertheless was always coming up with something to get Albert out of trouble. Like the time Albert forgot the map he was supposed to use as Angus's co-pilot on a cross-country car trip. Using a paper clip, toothpicks and a beany cap propeller, somehow Angus was able to construct a compass to guide them on their western journey and get them safely to the "other" coast. Then there was the time Angus was supposed to go grocery shopping with a list prepared by Albert. But Albert forgot to give the list to Angus. However, when Angus returned from the grocery store he had everything on the list. "How in the world did you do that?" asked Albert. "Carbon paper" replied Angus. "You think I could trust you to remember to give me the list? I made a copy." Angus always came through. And he never belittled his good friend Albert, no matter how forgetful he got. One day, Albert and Angus

Sunday Funnies/Happy Thanksgiving

Today we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. That's right it's not at the same time as American Thanksgiving. We put some space between gobblers and Santa. And at this time of year we still get to play golf.