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What's That Smell?

Bob and Henry were archeologists and were on the verge of the discovery of their lives. On the uninhabited island of StickMyFinger Innit they were about to become the first explorers of a giant cave. Who knew what dangers lurked below. Certainly not Bob and Henry. The two archeologists prepared to descend into the earth's core. They loaded their backs with their equipment and set off. Almost immediately they were overcome by a powerful smell. It was as if some giant animal had crawled into the cave and died. And the deeper they went the worse the stench became. Finally Bob turned to Henry and gasped "I don't know if I can go on Henry. That stench is nearly making me unconscious." "Stench?" said Henry. "I thought it was my asthma!" The Two Word Tuesday prompt this week was miasma/stench .

To My Amazing Wife on Her Birthday

No need to be concerned Like they say It's only a number And while it may sound trite It's true You just get better every day I am constantly amazed How such a beautiful, intelligent and poised woman Can at times be such a little girl In those time you are so full of wonder, awe and merriment Be it bunnies in the backyard Or a family of your duckling friends in the lake at the cottage It's part of your allure The depth of caring for all things But wait, there's more Your sense of humour knocks me out And you are never more beautiful Than when you laugh uncontrollably...usually at your own jokes! On the serious side I have observed the tenderness and care you display In family relationships You are an amazing daughter to your mother A loving mother to your son And a caring aunt to your nephew Not to mention a devoted wife Who puts up with my shit And every day demonstrates her deep love for me You have changed me For the better

Ode To Ignorance

"I can't pronounce it let alone put it in a sentence" Said dufus of lachrymose and so hence He went back into his teepee Where he started to get weepy So decided to do a rain dance This week's Two Word Tuesday prompt is lachrymose/weepy . And that dufus is one weird weepy guy, don't you think?

What's In A Name (2)

Last week I told you a little story about Convivial, a little girl who made a lot of friends. What I didn't tell you was that she had a little brother named Dack. He had a last name that he didn't like to use: Dick. Dack Dick didn't make many friends. In fact the little boys and girls sniggered at him and his name. That's an interesting word: sniggered. There are many synonyms but I think my favourite is belittle. It really conveys a sense of ridicule which is what the little boys and girls were doing. They were ridiculing poor Dack. Now Dack wasn't the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer. Another reason the boys and girls would ridicule him. At school he was an average student, pulling down Bs and the odd C. He was content. His parents were content and his sister Convivial was content. One day in English class the teacher hosted a little game of "What's That Mean?".  She'd mention a word and the class would have to guess another word that

What's In A Name?

When she was born she was such a little bundle of joy that her mother called her Convivial. And the name stuck. And as she grew older Convivial easily made and amassed friends. In fact, birthday parties became almost unmanageable. It was a good thing she was born in August because her birthday celebrations were moved from the backyard to a nearby park just to contain all the guests. School was another matter entirely. There wasn't a lunch table big enough in the cafeteria to contain all her little buddies. And the school bus? They had to lay on several so that her friends could follow her and ensure she got home safely. You have never before seen such a sociable child. People would stop her in the street and say to her "My, oh my, you're convivial." To which she'd reply "Why yes I am.' And, thought these people, arrogant as well. This week's Two Word Tuesday prompt its convivial/sociable . Sometimes it doesn't pay to be too convivial.