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Photo Blogging Challenge - April

So P.J. over at A 'lil Hoohah  has this photo challenge going. It's a monthly thing and asks participants to shoot five photos based on a monthly theme. April's theme was transportation. And I covered this off in two ways. First, I used my sense of humour that I know you've all come to know and love and took pictures of things you may not think actually represent transportation. Second, I took all the pictures from a car. Transportation. Get it? You're about to. Here we go... A bus on the Ottawa River Parkway. The entrance to the soon to open driving range. (Get it? Transportation? Driving(?) range.) The entrance to the boat storage at the marina on the Ottawa River. They'll soon be dropped in the water and docked. Rent-a-bikes near the Rideau Canal. A Canadian goose out looking for it's flock. Hey, aviation is transportation. To be on the safe side there' a car in the background. And that was my April in

Sunday Funnies

Pay You For What?

I've always liked Americans. And America for that matter. For example, I've always admired their proud attachment to history. A little over the top at times for this catatonic Canadian but to be admired nevertheless. And I've always liked visiting the States. D.C. for example. Boston. Chicago. And of course Disney World. But my favourite spot has to be spending a week or two in Ogunquit, Maine - a picturesque spot on the Atlantic Ocean to shop, eat, drink sun and swim. And we're close to my blogging buddy and photographer Cheryl Duford . I've followed the NBA, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR and the NFL - all those American N-starting acronym sports. But my American friends are considering boosting their budget off my back and of my fellow Canadians. Yeah, you heard me. President Obama, who I also admire, is considering a border fee to be charged to anyone who is driving to the United States. Say what? You can't squeeze enough out of Americans you have to tax Ca

Sunday Funnies

Better Late Than Never

Remember back in February Nicky and Mike @ We Work For Cheese ran a little challenge? Yeah, sure you do. It was a writing challenge. They called it the 30M2DoW. Now let's see if I get this right: 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing. Cute, eh? Well, along the way some dropped out, some jumped in, some started great serials but left them unfinished when the challenge wrapped up. It wasn't easy coming up with a tale every day in response to that day's prompts. But in the end I think everyone had fun...if you define the term "fun" loosely. Now, Indigo Roth  a British blogger bloke, had so much fun he designed a T-shirt to commemorate the event and made it available through an outfit called Zizzle or Zazzle or something with a Zee. Well, hell, I thought, I've got to get me one of those. So I yanked out the VISA and laid my money February. And I waited....a week...two weeks...a month...and then... It arrived today! A month and a half after I ordered it. I

Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

Bibliofile - March

So we're back with the second edition of Bibliofile - an update of the books I've read in the previous month. Can you believe I read 18 books in March? Do you think I need a life...or a library card? I'm really on a jag of Private Detective novels, sometimes referred to as the hard-boiled genre. Ross Macdonald writes a series based on main character Lew Archer. Robert Crais's main character is Elvis Cole. Ken Bruen writes about Jack Taylor and Dennis Lehane's main protagonists are the investigative team of Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro. I love them all but my favourite series has to be the one about Jack Taylor, a former Irish Guard member and alcoholic. The series is quite dark. You see almost anyone that gets close to him dies, either by Taylor's own hand or somebody else's. When I read the the first book - The Guards - I thought it was a little over the top. But I've read 6 of them now and I'm addicted to these books as much as Taylor

Photo Blogging Challenge - March

P.J. over at a 'lilhoohaa  has initiated a new blog challenge. It's a monthly post of five photos that summarize the month's theme. March's theme was My World . I'm a little late with my submission. I totally forgot about having agreed to participate. I got so used to relaxing after February's 30 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike that this completely slipped my mind until I saw Cheryl  Duford's post on Facebook today. Check out P.J.'s blog for the rest of the submissions, including Cheryl's. Meanwhile, here's mine. In My World in March Ziva sent me Finnish candy. Here's a pic and you can read about my little taste test experience  here . Unfortunately, while Ziva was very sweet to send me these confections her candies were not. So I proposed to send her in return a real Canadian sweet - a May West. You'll notice the package even has a picture of Ziva, or at least a picture of what I imagine Ziva to look li