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Odd Couple of Things

You know what's odd? Odd is Canada's two all news channels rebranding themselves and building zippy sets to appeal to younger viewers some years back only to attract advertisers to the over 60 set. If I see one more add for a stair lift, a walk-in bath, I've fallen and I can't get up alarm or a Chip flip mortgage I'm going to throw something at my 50" Panasonic. That'd be odd. Although maybe I'll soon need a stairlift to get me upstairs to my walk-in bath all bought with proceeds from my Chip flip mortgage! Now that would be odd. You know what else I find odd? Those ad strips across the bottom third of You Tube videos. It's not enough most videos now start with an unstoppable 30 second ad. No. And TV networks have picked up on the idea and it's very distracting when you're watching something, especially sports, when it blocks out the puck, the basketball or the golf ball. Oh, I hate when that happens. Now that's odd. You know,

Don't Walk This Way

Thump-bubba-thump bubba-thump-da-bump Here's something new Never done this for you or me it's all about a rap Though I'd just as soon take a nap Thump-bubba-thump bubba-thump-da-bump I'll wake you up when I'm said and done Might just as well point a gun at me no that's not right Can't force me to do this without a fight Thump-bubba-thump bubba-thump-da-bump Now we're almost at the last verse Made it through without a curse being made upon little old me For rapping like a homie don't you see that Thump-bubba-thump bubba-thump-ad-bump Is just the thing for Drake, Kanye or the Bieb But I'm no fan it's certainly not for me I'm not greedy, needy or rapacious This rapping thing's hellacious. Those smarty-pants folks over at Studio30+ came up with rapacious/greedy as the prompt this week. I don't know why but I went in a whole different direction this time and I think you get a sense of how I feel about rap.

20 Bookish Questions

So my book blogger buddy Bryan G. Robinson over at Still Unfinished ran this thing called 20 Bookish Questions. I found it interesting so I thought I'd run it here. What is your favorite fictional food or drink?  I'm into hard-boiled detective novels and in the ones I read they often drink either whiskey or a Guinness. These guys don't seem to eat so I can't come up with a fictional food. How long did it take to finish your last book?  I just finished Purity by Jonathan Franzen and it took me just under 2 weeks. But it was a pick it up put it down kinda read. Sometimes I'll zip through a can't put it down book in a couple of days but that's rare. How many times do you stare at your book or bookshelves each day? I  don't. The majority of my books are on iBooks or Kindle. How many Goodreads friends and books do you have?  42 friends and 388 books on Goodreads. Do you ever quote books in public?  No I never have because it was the best o

Maybe I'm A Maze

Never before had Tom felt so bewildered. If you had have asked him how so he would have told you he must have just won the lottery on convolution. Moments ago he'd entered this 200 acre corn field and immediately found himself in six and seven foot entanglements. They were a hodgepodge - no wait - an imbroglio of such intricacy he was directionless. He looked this way and that but had no idea which way to go in this jungle of ears of corn. And the knots of stalks blocked out the sun as he meandered through the meshy morass of the maze's muddle of roots. He had to be careful not to trip as he navigated the perplexing network. It was quite the quandary. A giant path full of snarls and tangles full of uncertainty at every twist. An ever winding web, a puzzling skein, indeed - even dare he say it - a miserable miscellany of long and winding roads. When all was said and done and Tom finally stumbled from the corn field he was truly amazed. The Studio30+ prompt this w

Done Like Dinner

She'd poured her heart into this. How? She got up early and cleaned the apartment. Really cleaned the place from top to bottom including special effort in both the bathroom and the kitchen. For different reasons of course. It's not like she used the two rooms interchangeably. It's just that they were both equally messy. Living alone gave her the luxury to make a mess and to leave a mess. However, her special anticipated caller later that day moved her into action. It was going to be a special day that she anticipated would end in a special way. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink she thought merrily to herself. She then spent the rest of the morning at the market. She had planned a special meal with her special someone and she was going to go all out with the most delicious hors d'oeuvres, freshest vegetables, chicken and fruit. She chuckled to herself over Archie Bunker calling them"horse ovaries" in that 70s TV show. She got back to her apartment in the early