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Rodents Rule

Phil and Willie

How can we allow rodents to rule our lives? Six more weeks of winter! Yep, that's the consensus of the groundhog gods both north and south of the border. Phil pronounced first. He saw his shadow and by tradition that means six more weeks of winter's icy chill. Ditto Willie in Wiarton - shadow: six weeks of winter. But fear not. The two varmits have a dismal record of prognostication, as you'll see from my earlier post.

And if you thought you knew everything there was to know - or wanted to know - about Groundhog Day, think again. My colleagues at HumorBloggers Dot Com have come up with lots of news you can use in our first Annual Groundhog Day Humor Carnival.


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Tales From The Supermarket

Bob and Brenda worked in the supermarket. They weren't check-out clerks. And they weren't stock-boys. Brenda sure wasn't. And they weren't employees who worked in the fish section or the deli. No. They were on the shelves.

They hadn't been on the shelves very long but in that short time they'd developed a considerably close friendship.

The chatted all day when the store was busy and at night when the store was closed. They talked about everything. The talked about what raw products they came from. The talked about their manufacturing processes. And they talked about the long routes in semi-trailers that brought them to this store.

Oddly enough the one thing they never made clear to one another was just what product each of them was.

One day when Brenda was commenting on their friendship she told Bob she was grateful for their amity. "Are you Tea?" said Bob, pekoe-ing her way. "I thought I was Tea". You're coffee!"

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