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Panama - Random Pics

In the last installment of our 15 day stay in Panama no themes or one-off excursions but some random and odd pics from throughout our trip.

This little fella was part way down the 66 steps to the beach.
It's Hammer time!
Up at dawn, with the birds...
Speaking of birds! These guys roamed the resort each day. The males, of course, are far more exotic than the female peacocks.
Every day these artisans would walk the length of the beach selling their jewelry.
A McD's on the side of the Pan Americana highway.
A restaurant doorway in the older section of Panama City.
A past-its-prime locamotive which was once used to guide ships through the Milaflores Locks of the Panama Canal.

Shopping in Panermo we found the Latinos Store...but it's only cash or credit card.

The Police Station at the Royal Decameron Resort. They don't need squad cars!

An artisans' store on the side of the Pan Americana

This boat has seen better days...

Kids play at the Embaras Indigenous settlement.

Ex-pat Canadian Woody and his wife Monique run a beach bar where I felt right at home drinking Corona and eating poutine and wings!

Ahhh...the sunrise on our final morning.

If smoking kills, a 5-carton special at the duty free must leave no doubt whatsoever!


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